Behind the scenes

Hi! My name is Rose and I like shiny stuff, which is mainly why I made this blog: So I have an excuse to make and post shiny things. I've been playing Rappelz for a few years now, you might know me as one of the dic(k)tator forum mods! ;)

Aside from Rappelz, other hobbies include coding, writing, youtubing (if that's not a thing, it should be) and other various miscellany that isn't that interesting. If you need to get in touch with me, contact me through the contacts page, or PM me in game on one of the characters listed in the sidebar. I love chatting with people and I'll be as helpful as I can with any questions.

Thank you for stopping by!




hello everybody!

Welcome to my Rappelz blog! here are just links to various Rappelz related interests of mine, including my character profiles, future videos I may post, and sprites that I make. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: I don't own, nor am I officially associated with, Rappelz, Gala, Webzen, or whoever else may own Rappelz. I'm just doing this for fun. Content & design belongs to me, however.