soul pets
I thought I'd do a little post on my soul pets! Or at least, the ones I'm working on. This is a work-in-progress!

Crowley, Basic dino, healer - Stage 5

Will update this with stats, skills, etc. when it 's R7. Currently I can say it is a healer dinosaur, basic, with Prayer & Tissue Recovery- Wisdom/Castspeed unity, Soothing Globe, Matk Toggle & Matk/wis passives. It also has the R7 Master Devotion skill. A wonderful healer/support pet!

Marvolo, Rare Priest, healer - Stage 1

Marvolo is a rare human race priest, using gear that you can find on the Characters link to the right (+20 Magewall and Staff). He is much better than Crowley in terms of base stats, however it is not as easy to stage these buggers so I went for Dino as S5 first.

These stats are with healer Blessing of Intelligence only.




hello everybody!

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