Character: Libertis
Hi! This is just about my main Rappelz character, Libertis!

  • 170 Cardinal ~ The first 170 Cleric on the US Servers!
  • Baphomet Server
  • 7thSyndicate Guild
  • TP: 2-3-0, DD & Healing build (pet peeve: when cardi's only heal or dd- It's easy to do both! sigh)
  • Watch a video of me DPing (from another POV) right here! I do rely on my Bluepixie -- she is amazing, & a must-have for any healer -- but that way I can DD to my max while being able to solo heal a CP. Invest in one if you don't have one already!

Information on gear, belt pets, etc:
  • Dura: Feral
  • Armor/Staff: +20
  • Teardrops: 6 Crit, 2 Int, 3 Wis, 1 Blur 
  • Belt pets: S1 White Dragon x 3 , S5 Siren x 1, Stage 1 Baphomet  x 1 *
  • Boss Card: Crusty 
  • Belt set: Feral 6 slot, Argoth 6 slot
  • Accessories: Feral Vit or Feral Wis Ring x 2, Ruthless Earrings/Necklace
  • Summoned pets: R7 S5 Dinosaur (Gear: shown below, Diabolical Int Ring, Matk artifacts x 2)
  • Buff Slaves: Death Tyrants x 2  (Note: I was asked why the DTs wear shields.. it's because they are intense, so they can cast buff on me faster/make pots before 10 second CD, etc.)

Equips & Whatnot:
Click on the image to see it fullsized! 


I've been asked to share my skill cards that are higher than +5. If it isn't here, assume it's +5 (unless it's a crappy/useless skill). All my buffs are +5 with DT buff.. I don't see a point in going higher, it adds like +1 and costs too much. I'd rather make my skills higher! Sorry there's a double in there- Restoration. If you are on Baphomet server, WTT for higher Arctic blast card! Offering an outrageous amount of cash lol. Usually these skills are DT buffed, but as you can see they are not here. If anyone wants to see my mess of a hot bar, let me know.


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