Hiya! Any future videos I may make, I will post here. In the mean time here are links to videos I am featured in made by some other lovely people..

Newer videos

Older videos
Yes, the KS is slow. This is before fancy dura came out and people had to actually to challenge themselves. Imagine, so long ago! :P

Siege Videos
To come in the future.. there are entirely too many from my Exodus sieging days! 

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hello everybody!

Welcome to my Rappelz blog! here are just links to various Rappelz related interests of mine, including my character profiles, future videos I may post, and sprites that I make. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: I don't own, nor am I officially associated with, Rappelz, Gala, Webzen, or whoever else may own Rappelz. I'm just doing this for fun. Content & design belongs to me, however.