Welcome to Rappelz'd, a geeky gamer's haven
Hello! I'm Rose, more likely known to you as Libertis (first 170 Cardinal on our servers, and I play on Baphomet). Thanks for stopping by this tiny part of the internet known as my Rappelz blog!

I'd say gaming blog, but this is really the only game I play, aside from some Play Station games, soooooo that's that! ;) This blog was created one day when I couldn't be bothered to make a cube party, so thought Hey, maybe it'd be fun to code something.. and I do like Rappelz a lot lately, so why not? and here it is! My friend Corsola also decided to do the same, tho I'm sure his is way more informative coz of his videos and whatnot, so be sure to check that out too!

I believe there are quite a few Rappelz blogs out there, and while this one may not be nearly as informative, it was simply made to pass some time, and have a little collective of information about my characters, videos I may have been featured in or, in the future hopefully, make myself & sprites! (Sprites are tiny little icons that have transparent backgrounds that look cute absolutely anywhere. I made one for my forum sig and decided I'd branch out a bit and make some of pets and other things too.)

Here's a breakdown of the nagivation right over there →

  • Home: This page, the main portal! Pretty self-explanatory and nothing much to see here.
  • My Characters: Various pages about characters I have! Use the arrow keys under the posts to go back and forth.
  • Videos: Videos I have been featured in, videos I may soon make and post, etc. Mostly they are DPs, or Siege videos.
  • Sprites: Little tiny icons I made of Rappelz-related things that you can indeed use!
  • Articles and Features: Some posts I have made concerning things like Protecting your PC against malware and hackers, etc.
  • About: A little bit about the author, me!

If you have any questions or anything:
Feel free to shoot me a question here by leaving a comment! Alternatively, look for Libertis on Baphomet server & shoot me a PM.

But ultimately, I believe that the best resource to this game has already been covered by: The Rappelz Forums, your number one place to stop to get questions answered (as long as you aren't expecting an official answer I suppose) & the Rappelz Wiki, so make sure to always check those important resources!

A huge thank you to CantSeeMe for hosting this webpage, as well as Corsola's and 7thSyndicate's page! :)

Last update: 15/07/2013; Characters page, lvl up! 170.
19/06/2013; Video page, added cube duo.



hello everybody!

Welcome to my Rappelz blog! here are just links to various Rappelz related interests of mine, including my character profiles, future videos I may post, and sprites that I make. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: I don't own, nor am I officially associated with, Rappelz, Gala, Webzen, or whoever else may own Rappelz. I'm just doing this for fun. Content & design belongs to me, however.